Director Honor Doherty

Honor DohertyGaming Together Founder and Director Honor Doherty has decades of experience helping people communicate across cognitive differences: founding and editing for Together Editing & Design, teaching English as a Second Language, instructing graduate students in academic writing, and working with young people with special needs.

Honor grew up in a family with autism spectrum and ADHD siblings, who improved their social skills and developed solid friendships through Dungeons & Dragons gaming with peers. The effectiveness of this approach inspired Honor to offer the groups professionally. [read more...]

With a lifelong interest in communication across social and cultural difference, Honor has a degree in Arabic and Russian from Georgetown University, is Certified in Teaching the English as a Foreign Language, and has traveled and lived in Russia, Switzerland, Jordan, and Turkey.

Honor brings focus and dedication to meeting people where they are and supporting their growth, whether mentoring GT Story Tellers or working with GT students.

Honor's pandemic projects have included building raised beds and starting a garden; playing music with the family; learning (trying to learn) the Irish flute, ukelele, banjo, and electric bass ukelele; and having outdoor singalongs with the neighbors. In addition to a small jack-russell-beagle-chihuahua rescue dog named Leela, Honor also has MANY stuffed animals, each with their own name and personality. [read less...]

Story Tellers (Instructors)

Gaming Together instructors (STs) are a wonderful and diverse group of young people with experience both running Dungeons & Dragons and working with youth to support learning and growth.

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