About Gaming Together

What We Do

Gaming Together offers after-school gaming groups, summer camps, and school break camps. Dungeons & Dragons is our main activity: kids each play a fantasy, Lord-of-the-Rings style hero they create, and they work together as a group to make decisions, defeat monsters, solve puzzles, and finish quests.

Our Story Tellers (STs) are young adults with experience running D&D and a commitment to mentoring and working positively with kids, trained by our founder in her unique way of supporting growth and development. Director Honor Doherty provides mentoring and supervision for social-emotional guidance as needed. Since every student—and Story Teller—is working on something, together we create an accepting and supportive space for growth. Most importantly, this is a skills-development program that your student will want to go to—and won’t be embarrassed by. Gaming is cool!

Gaming board

The Benefits of Gaming

Gaming Together activities are more than just fun!

Cooperative gaming teaches

  • teamwork,
  • communication skills,
  • imagination,
  • negotiation,
  • problem-solving,
  • coping skills,
  • perspective-taking,
  • and more.

Gaming is great, creative fun—and has been shown to develop social skills, confidence, self-regulation, and resilience. Through gaming, participants connect to others through a shared interest.


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The graphic below is a portion of a 2016 Washington Post article, "An Illustrated Guide to Why Grown-Ups Are Playing Dungeons & Dragons Again."

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Washington Post Cartoon

Photo used with permission from the artist, Josh Kramer. joshkramercomics.com.